We send our huge intellectual and technical capacity to achieve maximum energy efficiency and energy independence of our country.

The company performs design, installation and commissioning of an integrated power supply of voltage up to 500 kV. We offer engineering support in the construction of industrial buildings and power plants, covering all phases of the project: consulting, design, construction and commissioning.
Company carries out construction and installation works of substations and switchgears with voltage up to 500 kV.
Company performs construction and installation works of power transmission lines with 0.4-500 kV voltage class.
Starting-up and adjustment operations
Company performs the full range of starting up and adjustment operations: checking, configuration and commissioning of the equipment up to 500 kV; adjustment of relay protection and automatic control systems; measurement and testing of electrical equipment and other works.
The company performs the full range of electric lighting of cities, streets, highways and tunnels including decorative lighting of buildings.
General civil constructions
Company carries out the construction of buildings and installations of various categories.
Company manufactures metal constructions and other products for various purposes by order of clients. Produces electric switchboards 0.4-10 kV. The company has a production base with a large machine park, a paint shop, powder coating chamber.
Supply support
Company delivers selectively or "turnkey" the necessary building materials, equipment and accessories for any object.
Company performs complex water supply of civil and industrial facilities.
Company provides transportation services. Fleet of the company has more than 80 units of auto-equipment: cranes, trucks, tractors, long vehicles, tow-cars, dump trucks, passenger cars etc.

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  • The current success of JSC “TGEM” is the result of more than half a century of experience accumulated by engineers and ordinary workers who came from all over the USSR and transferred this experience from generation to generation.
  • In the history of energy development of young Tajikistan, TGEM holds an honorable place, because such mega projects as Nurek HPP, Aluminum Plant, Sangtudinskaya HPP-1, Sangtudinskaya HPP-2 were built with the help of engineers and workers of the then Tajik assembly department Hydroelectric Installation.
  • Today JSC “TGEM” is a leading company in the field of construction of power facilities in the Tajik market. The technical and human potential of JSC “TGEM” allows implementing projects of any complexity, not only in the energy sector, but also in other industries.
  • JSC “TGEM” carries out the whole complex of design, engineering and service services in the construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of energy facilities. The company traditionally uses modern scientific and technical achievements, as well as progressive methods of organization and management of production.
  • JSC “TGEM” steadily gaining momentum, goes beyond the borders of the Tajik market. This year JSC “TGEM” carries out a number of projects on the construction of overhead power lines in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and already in the next year plans to enter the market of the Russian Federation.
  • Our pride is our highly qualified staff. Professionalism and reliability of our employees are the key to the success and development of our company.

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